When & Where to Find Us

I teach Hatha Yoga (other styles are also incorporated into classes, but in the main it is Hatha)  to groups of teens in schools, yoga studios and privately in the UK. I aim to make the classes fun; hoping that teens carry on with yoga when they get older.

Currently I work in Bucks, Berks and Herts but I am expanding; finding teachers in other locations to work with – so do please contact me if you are interested wherever you are.

I believe strongly in the benefits of yoga for both the body and the mind and think the teen years are a perfect time to learn – why wait?

I have an hourly rate and a class can take up to 20 students. I prefer single sex classes but we do not have to work in that way.

Some schools use me as a PE choice. Some use me for PSHE. Some as an after school club. Some like to use me before lessons start at the beginning of the day. I am flexible and willing and currently doing all of the below…

PE or PSHE choice.

Lunchtime and after school clubs.

Pre-exam stress relief

Involvement with Healthy living weeks/collapsed timetable days

Classes for teachers.

Duke of Edinburgh new skill or activity classes


Our timetable changes each half term … for now you can find us at….



TUES 6.15 & 7.30pm Face to face



PLEASE CONTACT US for information

“Our mission is to prevent the next generation from becoming stressed out hunchbacks in later life.”