What happens in a teen yoga class?
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How many in a class?
We like to keep our classes to a maximum of 20 students.

Do you mix boys and girls?
Our experience shows that classes work best in a single sex situation however if that isn’t an option we do joint sex classes.

Are classes suitable for beginners?
Yes. Yoga is for everybody.

Do students need to be familiar with yoga or particularly flexible to start?
Classes are designed to meet a wide range of needs and abilities, allowing newcomers to learn in their own time and challenging those familiar with yoga or physical activities. When we explore postures we offer modifications and a step-by-step approach that allows students of all levels to stay engaged. We encourage students to listen to their own bodies

Yoga is not a competition. Over time and with repetition, flexibility and strength grow as does the ability to keep the mind focussed on holding poses for a little longer.

What size space and equipment do we need?
Classes can be held in the gym or any room with enough free, clean floor space. Some schools use their canteens.

Some schools have thick blue Gym mats that can be used. Alternatively we can point you in the right direction for yoga mat suppliers at reasonable prices.

Most students wear their PE kit or a suitable outfit that they are allowed to bring. Some poses are difficult to achieve in short school skirts, most schools allow girls to wear black leggings.

How long is a class and what happens?
Most schools timetable an hour from beginning to end with changing time in the hour. We start by relaxing and slowing down. We work through standing and floor postures. Sometimes we do pair and group work. Balancing is in all classes; it helps  focus and concentration in everyday life.  We always end class with some form of relaxation and we hope that students leave the class feeling like they have had some fun, been stretched, relaxed and are ready to conquer the day with a smile.

Can anyone do yoga? 
Yes. anyone can do yoga 🙂 You just do as much or as little of the class that’s right for your body. It’s not a competition. With time flexibility and strength grow and students are able to hold poses longer and explore trickier postures.

Can the school teachers join in?

Of course, please do! Alternatively we can do classes for all teachers together too.

What do teens get out of a yoga class?
Lots of things. Have a look at our testimonial page. In short; strength, stamina and flexibility improve as does focus and self belief.

What are the teachers like 

All our teachers are qualified yoga teachers that have also undertaken a teen yoga training. Teachers are all enhanced DBS (formerly CRB) checked and fully insured to teach yoga to teens, young people and adults.

Can Yoga count as a new skill for Duke of Edinburgh award

Yes! We are just putting together a course for a group of students to start in September – they will run for 16 weeks.